One World Spanish™ offers customized Spanish immersion programs for children of all levels. We teach throughout the Minneapolis, St Paul areas at your child-care center, school, church or home.


One World Spanish™ is a Mom-owned business, founded right here in the Twin Cities. We are committed to teaching your children like members of our extended family.

One World Spanish™ was founded to bring personalized, high-quality Spanish instruction to children. Sonya started learning Spanish at an early age and it has opened up so many opportunities and friendships that she wanted to share the joy of learning Spanish with others. As a high school exchange student in Costa Rica with a family that ran a home preschool, Sonya was able to see firsthand how rapidly children can learn and how much fun they have doing it! She has since been a counselor with Concordia Language Villages at "El Lago del Bosque" in northern Minnesota, and studied in Guayaquil, Ecuador and at the University of Costa Rica. She has a degree in Spanish from St. Olaf College and has traveled extensively in Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica.

We use the immersion method, proven to be the most effective way to learn a second language. Our way of teaching clearly communicates vocabulary and concepts through the use of songs, games, facial signals, and hand & body cues.

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"The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be ignited" - Plutarch


Today's children are the leaders of the future. USA Today reports that Spanish is, by far, the most useful second language in business. The ability to communicate in Spanish will give your child a lifetime advantage. Bestow upon your children this essential education during their formative years.

Your child will benefit from our passion for the Spanish language and from our experience teaching the language to native English speakers. In addition to language, we will share the cultures, music, and food of Spanish-speaking countries.

We lead a wide range of activities to engage your child in Spanish:

  • Music

  • Games

  • Storytelling

  • Art Projects

  • Food


  • Children who learn a second language have sharpened problem-solving skills and heightened creativity.
  • Your child will develop an interest and respect for other cultures.
  • Research has shown that children have a special ability to hear and say new sounds. By starting at an early age, your child will speak more fluently later in life.


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Thank you for enrolling your child in One World Spanish! Feel free to contact us at any time with payment questions.